We’re here to help. Contracted customers can call our help desk 24 hours day, 7 days a week.


If you are a contracted Fusion customer you can contact our support centre any time you like for real time assistance with people who care. We have technicians on call round the clock ready to come to your aid.

Our priority support desk is manned 24 / 7 and waiting for your call.

Within Australia call: 1800 623 488

International callers: +61 3 8677 5600


If you are not a contracted customer but are having an issue our support team are more than happy to assist. Give us a call asap and have your troubles melt away. Note contracted customers will always receive priority over everything else. Give us a call to become one and let us look after you.

Within Australia call: 1300 911 365

International callers: +61 3 8677 5600


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Pulse is Fusion’s proprietary remote monitoring system, that actively polls customer infrastructure to make sure everything is working as it should. We use this tool with contracted customers to proactively manage their assets remotely. If Pulse has been setup for your infrastructure you can you login yourself to check your equipment vitals at any time.

Pulse Login

If you don’t have Pulse but would like to know more click here. If you have Pulse but can’t remember your login credentials email our service desk or give them a call – we can reset it over the phone.

Within Australia call: 1300 911 365

International callers: +61 3 8677 5600


Ark is Fusion’s proprietary asset and service management system. It keeps a detailed track of what equipment you have including general asset data i.e. make, model, serial numbers, photos etc but also contains detailed service history of everything you have us manage i.e. service reports, service tickets. Everything we do for you is recorded in Ark, and it is accessible to every contracted customer. This is perfect for customers wanting to be able to access self service information like maintenance history, asset data etc.


If you are not a contracted customer and would like to know more about the service please click here If you have forgotten your login credentials please contact our service desk. We can reset it over the phone.

Within Australia call: 1300 911 365

International callers: +61 3 8677 5600


I’m not a contracted customer but I need urgent assistance can you help?

100% we can assist. Our contracted customers will always take priority but we have lots of technician resources and we would love to help you out prove that we’re the team for you. Call us on 1300 911 35 to find out more.

If I have a gold / platinum contract is everything really covered in the service?

Correct - if you are a gold or platinum customer everything is 100% covered. If your UPS or air conditioner completely dies we'll give you a new one for free. There’s no small print to worry about, just piece of mind.

How do you actively monitor my equipment remotely?

Pulse is a very clever piece of technology. We put a little bit of hardware on each site that connects to your equipment, and then connect this box to the internet. Its easy and cost effective to deploy. Learn more about Pulse.

How do you service 3rd party hardware if you’re not the manufacturer?

Just the same as you can get your car serviced by 3rd parties you can do the same thing with your infrastructure. The cost savings can be impressive. We have relationships with all the vendors and we have our own spare parts inventory and can call on the vendors for assistance if required. The whole process if very efficient meaning you get the best value for money. Call us to find out more.

Some of our equipment is in contract with another service provider. We want Pulse (monitoring) and Ark (service history). How do we work with you?

This is a common problem that we’re experts at solving. We can tailor a new maintenance contract that allows a discount to roll off your existing provider, or we can create a solution where we integrate your existing provider within our frame work to include monitoring and asset management. Call us today on 1300 911 365 and have us find a solution for your unique circumstances.