Besides supply and maintenance, Fusion can provide a wealth of additional services to help your business manage your critical infrastructure.


Fusion draws on years of collective experience in the design, supply and installation of critical infrastructure. Whether a new data centre, generator, air conditioner or UPS upgrade, we can design a reliable, long lasting, efficient, cost effective and easy to maintain solution that will make you and your stake holders proud.

Our industry experts have over 20 years of experience and will ensure that you have the optimal technology and reliable operations while staying on budget. We make sure that there are no delays and rework and aim at maximizing your investment.

Our project management team takes care of complete Engineering and Design, Procurement and Assembly, Installation and Commissioning. Get in touch with Fusion and we will take care of everything.

  • Consultant grade in house engineering
  • Agile certified project managers
  • History of delivering complex projects
  • Scope, design, procurement, staging,
  • Assembly, installation, commissioning

Fusion can design and build you a super redundant, hyper efficient data centre both large or small to meet your requirements for on premises housing of your IT infrastructure. Its more cost effective than you think! Please call 1300 911 365


Fusion can install your UPS, generator, air conditioner, fire or electronic security system reliably, cost effectively, within budget and on time with a minimum of effort or involvement from the customer side.

Each discipline requires experts to do it properly and that’s what Fusion excels at.

Fusion’s technicians and project managers have years of collective experience in installing these unique pieces of equipment and make sure that your installation is quick and painless.

  • Complete the entire system with one supplier
  • Qualified A Grade Electricians
  • Qualified Mechanical / Hydraulic Plumber
  • Certified Fire and Security Technicians

Larger UPS systems require the use of a licenced electrician to install. What’s even better is if they’re experienced with the equipment. We are licenced electricians and exceptionally experienced installing UPS. Call us to discuss your project on 1300 911 365


With the advent of cloud computing and rapid migration to co-located data centres many organisations are facing that arduous and potentially hazardous task of relocating their critical IT infrastructure.

Fusion can project manage the move, lift and shift the equipment fully insured with white glove handlers, recommission the equipment in the new data centre and then make good your existing premises.

Don’t leave your critical infrastructure in the hands of “common couriers”. Use experienced professionals and eliminate your risk.

  • Expert experienced technicians
  • Specialist transport services
  • Site rectification services
  • Specialist / job specific insurance

Installing and maintaining a redundant edge rack solution is now easy with the use of single rack self contained data centres. Fusion can supply, install and maintain these systems for your remote sites as easily as renting a rack in a data centre.


Nobody can move to the cloud or co-lo 100%. After the dream has been sold reality emerges – you will always have on premises IT equipment no matter what you do. At a minimum core switching, routers and probably more.

The end result is less physical equipment at each location, but an increase in criticality – if a switch loses power nobody connected to the switch can connect to the cloud and local productivity turns to zero. Your co-lo cannot help you. Fusion can take care of this by building and supporting your hybrid solution, with effortless on site support and mini data centre solutions.

  • Single / Double rack self contained data centres
  • Simple monthly fees for all inclusive support on your edge equipment
  • Fast response times
  • Redundancy / reliability checks
  • Hardware consolidation


Need more battery backup power? Not confident you have enough redundancy? Air conditioners costing too much to operate?

Fusion can assess and modernise your existing infrastructure cost effectively and with a minimum of interruption. We can reduce your CIOs stress by making sure nothing fails and redundancy is increased and impress your CFO by making sure it doesn’t cost the earth and there is a significant reduction operational expenditure.

  • Increase UPS capacity
  • Extended UPS runtimes
  • Enhance redundancy
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Upgrade to digital monitoring

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