Complete Critical Infrastructure Maintenance Services

Fusion is the largest provider of critical infrastructure services in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. With a specialisation in data centre infrastructure, fusion services commercial customers both large and small. We provide 24/7 critical response services and programmed preventative maintenance nationally and abroad.

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Air Conditioning
Fire and Vesda

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Why customers are moving to Fusion

  • Consolidate multiple service providers into one
  • Reduce overheads / lock in costs
  • Digitise all your information, eliminate paperwork
  • Automatically create and maintain your asset register
  • Store your infrastructure information in one place
  • Expertly and efficiently plan for maintenance
  • Reduce risk
  • Eliminate compliance issues
  • Increase reliability of infrastructure
  • Reduce downtime
  • Maximise redundancy
  • Get your equipment remotely monitored
  • Increase response times to issues
  • Make your life easier

Fusion is leading the way in providing innovative solutions and fresh insights into the age old problem of maintaining infrastructure.

Why Fusion is the clear Leader

Some of the key reasons why Fusion is light years in front of other providers

Fusion can support any type of equipment in your fleet. We don’t care who made it, or what the brand is. If we manage your equipment and we can’t fix it we’ll replace it for free with one that we can. That’s our promise and we always deliver. Try us out and see for yourself.

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Good at the
Hard Things
Multi Vendor
Vendor Agnostic
Multi Disciplinary
Cross Skilled
Powerful Reporting and Data Management
Value Added Monitoring

Call us now and start reducing your stress.

"The team at Fusion blend old fashioned service with up to date technology, I have used them for multiple jobs, that just had to be done right, under pressure and tight time frames with 100% success. The team are one of my trusted advisors that I can count on, part of the team, wouldn’t use anyone else."

-- Andrew Pritchett, CIO, Grant Thornton



You can buy a UPS system from anybody. They are not hard to source. But how do you choose the right one?

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Air Conditioners

Air conditioner typically contain the most moving parts in a modern commercial facility. They are critical, expensive and often break. Avoid buying the wrong one.

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Backup generators sound expensive and complicated. But the process can be easy and surprisingly cost effective, with the paybacks enormous. Helps if you use people who know what they’re doing.

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Fire Systems

Like smoke detectors you will probably never have to use them but you will be eternally grateful that they are around when you do.

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Electronic Security

There are so many Alarms and CCTV systems to choose from. Throw in some biometrics and facial recognition and everybody is confused. We’re not confused.

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Power Distribution

Having electricity available is one thing. Having it delivered to the right place is another.

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"The Fusion team have been providing a range of professional services and products to Fuji Xerox facilities and IT departments for a number of years. They have delivered quality maintenance services and critical projects, on time and on budget. I have complete trust in the team from senior management, all the way through to their technicians. I look forward to many more years of their trusted partnership."

-- Andrew Bailey, National Technical Facilities Manager, Fuji Xerox Australia



Fusion draws on years of collective experience in the design, supply and installation of critical infrastructure.

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Fusion can install your UPS, generator, air conditioner or fire system with their eyes closed.

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With the advent of cloud computing and migration to co-located data centres many organisations are facing that arduous and potentially hazardous task of relocating.

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Nobody can move to the cloud or co-lo 100%. After the dream has been sold reality emerges – you will always have on premises IT equipment.

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Need more battery power? Not confident you have enough redundancy? Your air conditioners costing too much to operate? Leave it to Fusion, we’ll take care of it.

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Need somebody to eyeball your equipment 24 / 7? Looking for peace of mind? Fusion has some of the best monitoring hardware and software available and the best people watching it. And the service is surprisingly affordable.

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Fusion provides professional support for hundreds of commercial organisations.
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Fusion is the largest provider of critical infrastructure services in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

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