Comprehensive Maintenance

Maintaining your IT infrastructure and operational systems is critical to ensuring your business is always up and running and avoids problems.

Fusion Support

Fusion Support is a comprehensive program designed to ensure your data centre, operational systems and IT infrastructure always operate at their best.

Fusion Support integrates all your maintenance into one schedule - and one expense item. Our highly developed and practical systems incorporate scheduling, monitoring and reporting of all maintenance activities.


Fusion Services
24/7 technical support and emergency response available across Australia.
Complete Coverage
Power supply and distribution
IT and Mechanical Infrastructure
Fire Suppression
Preventative Maintenance
Scheduled maintenance audits, system checks and server room cleaning.
Remote Monitoring
Remote monitoring of critical IT and operational equipment to identify issues and maintain optimum performance.
Efficiency Audits
Comprehensive audit of your data centre or operational systems to find efficiency improvements.
Extended Warranties
Extended warranty coverage for electrical or mechanical breakdown.