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All Energy Australia Conference 2016

04 October 2016

p a {color: #f9af00;} Today was a great day down at the All Energy Australia Conference , the response to the full Read More

Fusion Power Systems Appointed Master Distributor for Verint in Australia and New Zealand

25 July 2016

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Solar tariffs

28 January 2016

When your solar system generates more power than you need, the extra power is put back into the main grid and you get paid for it.  It used to be great.  Even though you might not have been home to use all the power you’d generated in those four peak...

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Solar. How much power do I need?

13 November 2015

I’m thinking about installing solar – how much power do I need? This is a question I get asked a lot, and tough to provide a quick answer. But I will.  You would install a 5 kilowatt system. Of course, there are a lot of options. You could...

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Comprehensive Maintenance of your IT infrastructure

17 June 2015

Fusion Support Fusion Support is a comprehensive program designed to ensure your data centre, operational systems and IT infrastructure always operate at their best. Fusion Support integrates all your maintenance into one schedule - and one expense item. Our highly developed...

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