Valve Assembly

Valve Assembly

The Fike ProInert Valve Assembly is a unique self pressure regulating valve. The ProInert Valve Assembly is a forged "brass" body which is actuated pneumatically. All valves are equipped with a safety relief disc that will rupture if the cylinder pressure exceeds a preset value. The pilot valve is actuated by the ProInert Actuation Package, Fike P/N IG71-017.


The Fike ProInert Valve is designed to regulate the discharge pressure of the system to a constant pressure. The pipe pressure and nozzle flow rate(s) will be consistant for the duration of the system discharge allowing the use of low pressure, small bore piping throughout the entire system piping network. The Fike ProInert Valve significantly reduces the area of the room overpressure relief vent.

Product Snapshot

Part Number:
IG71-001-1, IG71-001-2

Operating Pressure:
Up to 370 bar
Test Pressure:
450 bar

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