Socomec Delphys MP Elite UPS

Socomec Delphys MP Elite UPS

The solution for

• Data centres
•  Industry
• Telecommunications
• Processes




High quality power supply

• The SVM digital modulation (Space Vector Modulation) fitted to the transformer integrated downstream of the inverter allows supply to your installations with:
- precise voltage even when the load between phases is completely unbalanced,
- stable output voltage during significant and quick variations in loads (± 2% in less than 5 ms).
• Active power without derating, for loads with a lagging power factor and up to 0.9 leading.
• Sinusoidal THDV output voltage < 2 % with linear loads and < 3 % with non-linear loads.
• With sinusoidal voltage for non-linear loads (Crest Factor 3:1).
• A very high short-circuit capacity which facilitates the selection of protective devices for selectivity in the downstream distribution.
• An isolation transformer is installed on the inverter output to ensure complete galvanic isolation between DC circuit and load output.
This insulation also provides a separation between the two inputs when they are supplied by different sources.


High availability

• A fault-tolerant architecture with redundancy of basic functions, such as the ventilation system.
• A variety of architectures for parallel operations, to deal with redundancy, management and changes in power output.
• The ideal solution for grouping with generator sets without using an excessively large generator.


Battery availability at all times

• An innovative load algorithm which adapts to the environmental conditions and the condition of the battery to increase its life.
• A highly-developed monitoring system, capable of locating and correcting any problems interacting with the charging device.


Cost-effective equipment

• A “clean” IGBT rectifier. The power factor and THDI at the rectifier input are constant whatever the battery charge status (continuous voltage level) and the load rate of the UPS. It eliminates any disturbance on the upstream network (transformer, generator set and distribution).
• The cutting rectifier guarantees the supply of current with an exceptionally low rate of harmonic distortion: THDI < 2.5%.
• Reduced current consumption due to an input power factor of 0.99 without derating, and constant in every situation.


User-friendly operation

• A control panel with graphic display for more ergonomic operation.
• An array of “com-slot” plug-in communication interfaces, for upgrading your operating requirements evolution.


Simplified maintenance

• An advanced diagnostic system.
• A remote access device connected to the remote maintenance centre.
• Easy access to subassemblies and components, facilitating tests and reducing maintenance time (MTTR).

Product Snapshot

Input / output:
Parallel configuration:
up to 6 units (distributed or centralised bypass)

Rated voltage:
380 V - 400 V - 415 V(1)
Voltage tolerances:
340 to 460 V
Rated frequency:
50/60 Hz
Frequency tolerance:
45 to 65 Hz
Power factor / THDI:
0.99 constant / 2.5 % without filter

Rated voltage:
380 V - 400 V - 415 V (configurable) (1)
Voltage tolerance:
< 1 % (static load), ± 2 % in 5 ms (dynamic load conditions from 0 to 100 %)
Rated frequency:
50/60 Hz
Frequency tolerance:
± 0.2%
Total output voltage distortion - linear load:
< 2%
Total output voltage distortion - non-linear load:
< 4%
Short-circuit current:
Up to 3.5 In
150 % for 1 minute, 125 % for 10 minutes
Crest factor:
Power factor without derating:
0.9 lagging to 0.9 leading

Rated voltage:
380 V - 400 V - 415 V
Voltage tolerances:
± 10% (selectable)
Rated frequency:
50/60 Hz
Frequency tolerance:
± 2%

Efficiency (TÜV SÜD verified)
Online mode:
Eco Mode:

Operating ambient temperature:
from 0 °C up to +35 °C (from 15 °C to 25 °C for maximum battery life)
Relative humidity:
0% - 95% without condensation
Maximum altitude:
1000 m without de-rating (3000 m max)
Acoustic level at 1 m (ISO 3746):
65 dBA / 67dBA

UPS cabinet
Degree of protection:
IP20 (other IP as option)
RAL 9006

IEC 62040-1-2, IEC 60950
IEC 62040-3
IEC 62040-2
Product declaration:


Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (kg)

Please see available files below:

Secomec Delphys MP Elite Brochure

Electrical options

• BHC Universal.
• EBS (Expert Battery System).
• Flywheel compatible.
• ACS synchronisation system.
• Reinforced IP protection degree.
• Ventilation filters.
• Ventilation failure detection
• Top entry connection


Communication options 

• GTS (Graphic Touch Screen).
• Remote panel.
• ADC interface (configurable voltage-free contacts).
• RS232, RS422, RS485 serial port JBUS/MODBUS or PROFIBUS.
• MODBUS TCP interface (JBUS/MODBUS tunneling).
• NET VISION: professional WEB/SNMP interface for UPS monitoring and shutdown management of several operating systems.


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