Slave Actuation Package

Slave Actuation Package

The Slave Actuation Package, P/N IG71-019 is utilized to operate a Selector Valve or up to 60 additional ProInert valve pneumatic actuators. It consists of a pneumatic valve assembly and a rechargeable nitrogen cylinder and is pneumatically operated from the ProInert Solenoid Actuation Package, P/N IG71-017.

All necessary hoses and fittings are supplied for the connection of either the solenoid actuator to the pneumatic actuator on first cylinder valve of the ProInert system or the Selector Valve.

The minimum actuation pressure required to operate the valve is 12 barg.

Refer to manual 06-294 for installation and manual 06-321 for recharge.

NOTE: The ProInert Slave Actuation Package MUST be mounted in the bracket provided by Fike and the bracket MUST be securely anchored in an accessible location where it will not be damaged.

Product Snapshot

Pressure Switch Specifications
Housing Classification:
Contact Rating:
Normally Closed at > 120 bar. Contacts rated at 5 - 100mA
Electrical Connection:
DIN 43650 Compact (Hirshmann) Supplied with 0.3m cable
Pressure Setting:
120 bar (decreasing)
Temperature Limits:
-40ºC to +60ºC

Nitrogen Cylinder Specifications
Filling Pressure:
160 barg @ 15ºC Refill if pressure drops below 120 bar @ 15ºC
Max. Exposure Temp.
Shipping Number:
TT marked

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