PSFi Series Portable Surge Filter

PSFi Series Portable Surge Filter

The PSFi is a 3-stage protection surge protector utilising high kA primary and secondary MOV protection in conjunction with an L/C filter. In addition, the PSFi also provides filtering of line harmonics and high-frequency noise with a cut-off frequency of ~10kHz and a nominal attenuation of 40dB.

The PSFi series is designed to provide secondary protection against power surges caused by external sources such as lightning strikes and electrical switching as well as providing a measure of protection from surge events generated on the secondary side of the filter. The PSFi has been designed in accordance with AS3100, AS1768, IEC61643-11, IEC61000-6-1, 2, 3, 4 and other standards and codes as applicable.

Product Snapshot
Number of ports: 2 Port
Method of mounting: Portable
Input voltage – Uc: 200-250VAC 10
Maximum continuous voltage – MCOV: 320VAC
Temporary overvoltage - TOV: 350VAC 15 mins
Service type: Single-phase, Line/Neutral/Earth
Test classification: Class II
Nominal discharge current - In 8/20us: In L-N 20kA, N-E 3kA, L-E 3kA
Current rating - continuous: 10 Amps & 16 Amps
Recommended maximum over current protection: 20A upstream circuit breaker or fuse
Residual current: <0.5 mA
Protection modes: Line-Neutral, Line-Earth, Neutral-Earth
Maxi surge current - Ismax 8/20us (Line-Neutral): 40kA
Nominal surge lifetime: 15 hits @ 20kA (8/20uS, each mode)
Filter attenuation: 40dB nominal at 1MHz
Initial clamp voltage (Line-Neutral): 560V (350Vac RMS)
Initial clamp voltage (Line-Earth, Neutral-Earth): 680V (420Vac RMS)
Residual voltage (Vpl) Line-Neutral 8/20us: <900V @ 3kA
Internal protection (fusing): Thermal fusing on primary MOVs
Alarms/indicators: 2 part display, Power OK, Protection fault.
Location Category: Indoor
Enclosure rating: IP24
Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
Weight (kg)
  • Surge suppression and filtering in a single package
  • 3 Mode protection
  • Surge suppression rating of 40kA (8/20μS) L – N, 10kA L – E, 10kA N – E
  • Rugged IP24 enclosure
  • IEC Input & Output connectors

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