Power One SLI50 Rackmount Inverter

Power One SLI50 Rackmount Inverter

The SLI 50 Series of “Slim Line” inverters provides an ideal solution for telecom, IT, and industrial applications. Due to innovative technology solutions like the patent-pending “Compact Coil", the SLI 50 Series inverters pack 5000 watts of power into a compact package that is 19” rack mountable and only two rack units high.

Product Snapshot

Nominal input voltage:
40-60 VDC (48 VDC)
Inrush current:
ETSI EN 300 132-2 Ver, 2.12, Clause 4.7
Input OC protection:
Internal MCB 150A (48 VDC)
Input OV protection:
65 VDC (48 VDC)
Input UV protection:
36 VDC (48 VDC)

Output power:
5000 W / 7000 VA
Output voltage range:
200 to 240 VAC
47 Hz to 63 Hz selectable
5500 Wmin @ 40 VDC
Up to 93%

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