Power One PCC Controller

Power One PCC Controller

The Power-One Prime Controller Card (PCC) is a pluggable microprocessor controller that provides monitoring and control for a broad range of Power-One DC Power Systems. The PCC monitors all system parameters including: DC voltage, rectifier current, rectifier temperature, system capacity, battery parameters, and circuit breaker status.
Product Snapshot
Voltage: 18-30 VDC (+24 V Version)
Current: <200 mA at 48 V/ <400 mA at 24 V
Dimensions (WxHxD): Actual dimensions vary with respect to the system used. Contact Sales.
Weight (kg): 0.2
    • RoHS compliant for all six substances
  • User controls and interfaces:
    • User-selectable alarm parameters
    • Password controlled environment
    • RS232 Interface and Form “C” dry alarm contacts
    • Programmable alarm routing, logic unit and analog inputs
    • Ethernet interface version available
  • Intelligent battery management:
    • Temperature compensation with programmable compensation factor
    • Automatic and manual load testing
    • Battery voltage and symmetry monitoring
    • Remaining battery capacity measurement
    • Low voltage disconnect

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