Novaris SL Relays Surge Protector

Novaris SL Relays Surge Protector

Novaris RLY range of plug-in interposing relays provide ideal switching for 12V or 24V input; with loads up to 6 Amps at 240 Volts AC, with 1 X N/O and 1 X N/C contact.
Product Snapshot
Number of contacts: 1 CO (SPDT)
Contact rating: 6A @ 30VDC & 6A @ 240VAC
Contact-coil isolation (1.2/50μs): 6kV
Operate time: 5ms
Release time: 3ms
Coil sensitivity: 170mW
Weight: 0.35kg
Width: 7mm
Height: 102mm
Depth: 68mm
Part Number Coil nominal voltage
  • DIN Rail Complaint - Protection devices housed in DIN 43880 compliant enclosures allow for convenient installation on DIN rail fittings commonly used in switchboards worldwide.

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Novaris SL Relay Brochure

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