Novaris KP KRONE-LSA MDF Surge Protector

Novaris KP KRONE-LSA MDF Surge Protector

The Novaris KP provides protection for KRONE-LSA® termination systems and is suitable for all twisted pair telecommunication services. The unique iSwitch technology offers the ultimate in protection against induced transients and AC induction by totally isolating the load from the incoming line during the disturbance.
Product Snapshot
Connection type: Series
Modes of protection: Transverse and common
Number of pairs: 2
Maximum continuous voltage: 200VDC
Maximum discharge current (8/20μs): 10kA
Protection stages: Multistage
Maximum frequency: 20MHz
Part Number
Maximum load current (mA)
Voltage protection level @ 5kV (10/700μs) (V)
Weight (g)
  • Compliant - Compliant with the relevant IEC lightning and surge protection standards, in particular IEC 62305 and IEC 61643.
  • All Mode Protection - Novaris models featuring all mode protection provide protection for all combinations of lines (L-N, L-E, N-E) ensuring the maximum level of protection is achieved at all times. They have been designed for installation in any wiring system worldwide.
  • Multiple Stages - Models featuring multistage transient protection deliver greater levels of protection through a staged approach. The primary stage absorbs the majority of the surge energy. The remaining stages provide accurate clamping and a degree of redundancy.

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Novaris KP KRONE-LSA Brochure

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