Manifold Connectors

Manifold Connectors

The Fike ProInertTM Manifold Collector Assemblies are available for 10, 15, 20 and 30 cylinder configurations. Each manifold connector comes pre-assembled to allow connection to the standard ProInert Manifolds.
Product Snapshot

Part numbers :
IG71-034 (up to 20 cylinder double row)
IG71-035 (up to 30 cylinder triple row)
IG71-032 (up to 10 cylinder double row)
IG71-033 (up to 15 cylinder triple row)

Pipe and fittings:
Pipe specification:
BS1387 Heavy/ASTM A-106A, API5L Schedule 80
Fittings specification:
EN 10241 Seamless Test Pressure 150 bar

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