Instructional Signs

Instructional Signs

Instructional signs must be supplied to provide a ProInert system in which the functions of all devices are easy to understand.

Caution Sign - 02-10758

The purpose of this sign is to alert personnel that the room is protected with a Fike ProInert system utilising IG-55 as the extinguishant and to evacuate the area when the alarms sound. The sign measures 160mm x 160mm. The Caution sign should be placed on the outside of every door entering/exiting the
protected space.

Manual Discharge Station - 02-10759

The manual discharge station sign will identify each manual release associated with the IG-55 inert Gas System. This reduces the risk of a manual discharge station being mistaken for a fire alarm system station. The sign measures 195mm x 70mm. The manual discharge sign should be located at each system manual release station for quick, positive identification

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