Eaton Telecom Rackmount Inverter

Eaton Telecom Rackmount Inverter

The Eaton Telecom Inverter is an innovative dual input inverter solution designed for applications where very high reliability of your AC supply is required. By incorporating a 230Vac input, as well as the 48Vdc input, Eaton has developed a solution that closes the gap between the traditional UPS and conventional inverter solutions.

Product Snapshot

DC Input
Operating Range:
48V: 40Vdc ~ 60Vdc

AC Input
Voltage Range: (50/60Hz):
185Vac - 265Vac
Transfer Time:

AC Output
Power Output (inverter module):
3500VA / 2800W
Maximum System Power Output (8 Inverters):
28kVA / 22.4kW
Wave Form:
Pure sine wave
Nominal Output Voltage (selectable):
Output Frequency:

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Description Part Numbers
Eaton, Dual Input Inverter module. 48Vdc input, 230Vac Input, 230Vac output. 3.5kVA INV-4835E
Inverter Shelf for 8 x INV-4835E. 8U x 19” INV-SS-8
Controller for Dual Input Inverter systems (requires controller shelf) INV-MC-2000
Controller Shelf for Dual Input Inverter systems. 1U x 19” INV-MCSS-1U
125A Maintenance Bypass Switch for Dual Input Inverter systems. 3U x 19” INV-MBS-125

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