Eaton POD Surge Protector

Eaton POD Surge Protector

The Powerware POD protectsyour precious computersystem, home entertainmentsystem and other valuableelectronic equipment fromsurges, spikes and noisecaused by lightning and otherpower disturbances.

Its series power filter providessuperior protection againstsurges and spikes, with theadditional benefit of protectingagainst line noise that mayaffect sensitive equipment.With a surge rating of 60kA,the POD out-performs andoutlasts many other productsthat provide shunt-onlyprotection.

The POD not only protectsyour power circuits, but alsoprotects against "back door"surges that can enter yoursystem's telephone lines,aerials or network cables.

Product Snapshot
Maximum Continuous Load: 10 Amps
Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Clamping Voltage (Line to Neutral): 470V
Clamping Voltage (Neutral to Earth): 680V
Aggregate Surge Current: 60,000 Amps
Aggregate Energy Absorption: 1470 Joules
Part Number Description
POD 6 Way Power Filter Board with phone, network and coax protection
POD+ 8 Way Power Filter Board with phone, network, coax & cable TV protection
  • 60,000 Amp surge protection
  • Highest quality power sockets with extra wide spacing
  • Visual indication of Power and Surge Protection status
  • 1.8 metre power cord with insulated pins
  • Re-settable circuit breaker
  • Power On/Off switch
  • Wall mountable to save valuable floor space
  • Data, Video/Aerial and Phone Line surge protection
  • Network cable, telephone cable and Coax cable supplied

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Eaton POD Brochure

There are no additional options for the Eaton POD series plug in surge filter.
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