Eaton MSDi Surge Diverter

Eaton MSDi Surge Diverter

The MSDi surge diverter is designed to provide point-of-entry protection against power surges caused by external sources such as lightning strikes and substation switching. Common-mode protection is available for sites remote from the M.E.N. point including industrial sites and rooftops in multi-storey buildings. The MSDi surge diverters utilise MOV protection for both differential and common-mode protection.
Product Snapshot
Input voltage: 200 - 250VAC (380 - 440VAC 3 Phase)
Maximum continuous voltage - MCOV: 300VAC
Temporary overvoltage (TOV): 320VAC, 15 mins
Service type: TT, TN, TN C-S or any 3-phase system with a grounded neutral
Recommended max. overcurrent protection: 100A GL HRC fuse
Protection modes: Line-Neutral, Line-Earth, Neutral-Earth
Part Number
Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
Weight (kg)
  • 3 Mode, 2 Stage Surge Diverter
  • Surge suppression rating of 200kA
  • Enclosed in IP24 cabinet
  • Protection rating 200kA per phase
  • LED Bargraph display on each phase
  • Protection Fail Alarm Relay

Please see available files below:

Eaton MSDi Brochure

Eaton MSDi Manual

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