Eaton Matrix 2000 Rackmount Inverter

Eaton Matrix 2000 Rackmount Inverter

The Eaton® Matrix™ 2000 Standalone Inverter is designed for use in telecommunications applications where a very reliable AC supply is required. The high efficiency and compact size makes the Matrix 2000 Inverter an outstanding solution for powering all types of critical AC equipment.

Product Snapshot

DC Input
Operating Range:
48V: 40Vdc ~ 60Vdc

AC Input
Voltage Range: (50/60Hz):
INV-4820SA: 89Vac to 138Vac INV-4820ESA: 176Vac to 276Vac
Transfer Time:

AC Output
Power Output:
2000VA / 2000W
Wave Form:
Pure sine wave
Power Factor:
Nominal Output Voltage (selectable):
INV-4820SA: 110/115/120Vac INV-4820ESA: 208/220/230/240Vac
Output Frequency:

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