Eaton Flex PDU

Eaton Flex PDU

These basic rack PDUs are versatile, flexible power strips intended to provide more connection options when using rackmount UPSs. The FlexPDU series is compatible with any UPS below 3 kVA and is the perfect power distribution option for the Evolution, EX and M series while the high voltage PDUs are compatible with the EX RT UPS series. These PDUs offer multiple mounting options for rack enclosures, wall mounting or connection at the rear of the UPS.
Product Snapshot
Power Rating: 16 Amps
Voltage: 240 VAC
Frequency: 50 Hz
Part Number
Power Rating
Input Plug
Output Receptacles
16 Amps, 240VAC
1 x C20 (16A)
12 x IEC320 C13 (10A) Outlets
16 Amps, 240VAC
1 x C20 (16A)
6 x Aust 3 pin Outlets (10A)
  • Extend the number of devices that can be connected to a single UPS
  • Can be rackmounted, wallmounted or connected at the rear of a Eaton UPS in 3 different ways
  • 1U versatile power distribution unit
  • Easy plug-in connectivity
  • Universal solution

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Power Cables  
Description Part Number 
15Amp IEC Male to Female Extension cord - used to daisy chain multiple Flex PDU together with a common input. 250mm length, black.  CAB1EX310
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