Eaton EPS2 48V DC Power System

Eaton EPS2 48V DC Power System

The Eaton® 3G Enterprise Power Solutions are the ideal solution for converged data networks and low power telecommunications applications requiring compact, efficient and flexible DC power supplies. This EPS2 series is a 19” rack mounted system and is available with up to two of the Eaton 3G Enterprise or Access 48V rectifier modules providing a total output of up to 4000W.
Product Snapshot
AC Supply: Nominal: 120V, 240V, Operating Range: 90V – 275V
Power Factor †: >0.99 (50 – 100% Output Current)
Efficiency †: >96% peak, >95% (20% to 100% load, 230Vac)
DC Output Voltage Range: 43 – 57.5V
Voltage Range
  240V AC 120V AC
DC Output Power (maximum*) †: APR48-ES: 4.0kW APR48-ES: 2.3kW
  APR48-3G: 3.6kW APR48-3G: 2.2kW
  EPR48-3G: 1.8kW EPR48-3G: 1.1kW
Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
19” mounting
13.2” [335mm]*
  • 19” rack mounting
  • High power density
  • Intelligent system controls
  • Pre-configured software
  • Onboard secure web server
  • Push-in easy to fit circuit breakers
  • Optional Low Voltage Disconnect
  • Fast on-line expansion of rectifiers (hot-swap)
  • High efficiency and unity power factor
  • Easy to use menu & full colour display
  • Optional batteries

Please see available files below:

Eaton EPS2 Brochure


Battery* Eaton Extended Battery Module (EBM)
PW5130 48V EBM RM
P/N 103006587-6591
Weight: 29.5kg [65lb]
Dimensions (H,W,D*): 85mm (2U), 432mm (19”
mounting), 487mm
*Additional space is required at the rear for cables.
*Battery times are approximate and vary depending
on factors such as:
- load configuration
- battery charge
- battery age and temperature.
*Other battery options available - consult your local Eaton agent.
Battery Cables CKBATT-02 Eaton EBM 5130 connection cable,
2000mm long
CKBATT-01 ‘other batteries’ connection cable,
2000mm long
Equipment Cable Customer Equipment Connection Cable
CKLOAD-00 10-way connection loom, 1000mm long
EBM Rack Mounting Kit Included with EBM5130 as standard
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