Eaton E Series DX UPS

Eaton E Series DX UPS

E Series DX 3-phase UPS systems are an ideal solution to deliver reliable power protection to any mission critical application where continuous operation is a must. Voltage and frequency independent, transformer free, double conversion topology enables UPS to adapt to wide range of variance in input voltage without compromising quality of UPS output power. 3-phase DX cover 20-40kVA power sector and is the most competitive solution where affordable continuous power feed is mandatory.

Product Snapshot

Product Series:
Power Rating:
20-40 kVA
220/380 V 3Ph
50/60 Hz Auto detection

UPS Models

Part Number
Power Rating (VA/Watts)
20k /16k
External Cabinet
30k /24k
External Cabinet
40k /32k
External Cabinet

Replacement Battery Packs
Replacement Battery Packs for this product are available. Contact Fusion on 1300 911 365 for more information.
External Battery Modules (EBM)
The E Series DX UPS is supported by a range of standard and custom battery cabinets. Call Fusion on 1300 911 365 to have a specialist configure a battery pack to your requirements.
The E Series DX UPS can be augmented with a host of communications cards for most common protocols. Contact Fusion on 1300 911 365 to find out more.
Maintenance Bypass
TheE Series DX has standard Maintenance Bypass Options with the following configurations:
1. Internal bypass
2. External Tail End Bypass switch with interlock
3. Wraparound Maintenance Bypass without separate bypass input, interlocked
4. Wraparound Maintenance Bypass with separate bypass input, interlocked
Contact Fusion on 1300 911 365 to find out more.

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