Eaton 5P UPS

Eaton 5P UPS

The Eaton 5P is a Line interactive, density optimised (up to 1550VA in 1U) power protection for IT & Telecom environment. Wide power management capabilities offering point-to-point and network supervision.

Product Snapshot
Power Rating: 650-1550 VA
Voltage: 230 VA default (200-240 V user selectable)
Frequency: 50/60 Hz Autosensing
Configuration: Rackmount or Tower
Product Series: Premier
Part Number
Power Rating (VA/Watts)
Input Plug
Output Receptacles
Eaton 5P Tower models
5P650AU 650 / 420 Aust. 10A (3) C13, (2) Aust. 10A
5P850AU 850 / 600 Aust. 10A (3) C13, (2) Aust. 10A
5P1150AU 1150 / 770 Aust. 10A (3) C13, (2) Aust. 10A
5P1550AU 1550 / 1100 Aust. 10A (3) C13, (2) Aust. 10A
Eaton 5P Rack 1U models
650 / 420
(4) C13
850 / 600
(4) C13
1150 / 770
(4) C13
1550 / 1100
(4) C13
  • Line interactive : Regulates power fluctuations (AVR with buck and boost), and delivers pure sinewave output
  • Intuitive graphical LCD for localised diagnostics at a glance
  • Individually controlled outlets to maximize backup time, provide remote reboot and sequential start-up
  • Hot swappable batteries allowing easy replacement of the batteries without powering down connected loads
  • High density power protection in tower and rack 1U format up to 1.5kVA
  • Best-in-class power management capabilities (USB & Serial ports, Slot for optional SNMP/Web card)

Please see available files below:

Eaton 5P Brochure

Eaton 5P Quick Start Guide


Service Plans

Plug and Play - up to 6kVA
For plug and play (portable) units, there are a number of plans available including Extended Warranties and Fast Fix swap out service.

Preventative Maintenance
Planned on site preventative maintenance inspections designed to keep critical power systems functional when needed most.

Enhanced Warranty Plan
24/7 upgrade to standard warranty that includes preventative maintenance inspections.

Comprehensive Maintenance
Complete breakdown coverage for post warranty equipment, which includes preventative maintenance inspections and priority response.

Remote Monitoring
24 hour / 7 day per week monitoring of your critical power system.

Power Management Connectivity
Option Part Number

Network Card-MS
Provides real time monitoring and control across UPSs in your network


Relay Card- MS
Provides dry-contact interface between your UPS and any relay-connected computer, including the AS/400, as well as a variety of industrial applications


Network and MODBUS Card-MS
Provides continuous, reliable and accurate remote monitoring of UPS systems

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