Eaton 3105 UPS

Eaton 3105 UPS

The compact Eaton 3105 UPS provides affordable protection for PCs, peripherals, POS equipment, fax machines and telephone equipment in small and home offices. Equipped with battery backup/surge protection outlets, it keeps essential systems up and running through power outages. The 3105 UPS also accommodates nonessential equipment with convenient surge-only outlets. The 3105 UPS fits easily under a desk and can also be mounted to a wall.
Product Snapshot
Power Rating: 500-700 VA
Voltage: 230 VAC
Frequency: 50 Hz
Configuration: Desktop
Product Series: Powerware
Part Number
Power Rating (VA/Watts)
Input Plug
Output Receptacles
500 / 300
(4) C13, (4) C13 surge only
700 / 420
(4) C13, (4) C13 surge only
  • Extends UPS service life with user-replaceable batteries
  • Informs you of power problems and low battery conditions with audible alarms and remote alarm notification
  • Keeps essential systems running through power outages (four outlets with battery backup and surge suppression and four outlets with surge suppression only)
  • Protects network-connected equipment from "back door" surges coming over LAN or telephone lines
  • Provides UPS operating status through convenient USB port
  • Saves space with a compact design that fits easily under a desk or can be conveniently wall-mounted, with quick access to all receptacles


Replacement Battery Packs
Replacement Battery Packs for this product are available. Contact Fusion on 1300 911 365 for more information.
Extended Warranty
Description Part Number
3 Year Warranty Upgrade WP811
 4 Year Warranty Upgrade WP811-4
 5 Year Warranty Upgrade WP811-5
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