Discarge Nozzles

Discarge Nozzles

The function of the ProInert Discharge Nozzle, in a fire extinguishing system, is to distribute the inert gas in a uniform, predetermined pattern and concentration. The nozzles are designed to complete the discharge of inert gas in 60 seconds, or less, when installed within the design limitations of the Fike ProInert Design,
Installation and Maintenance Manual, P/N 06-294 and the Fike ProInert Flow Calculation Program.

ProInert Discharge Nozzles are available in sizes of 15, 20, 25, and 40 mm, which correspond to the distribution pipe threads feeding the nozzle. Each nozzle has 12 orifices and provides a 360-degree discharge pattern. Nozzle orifices come in standard size. The nozzle is equipped with a customized orifice plate to provide accurate inert gas flow results. The Fike ProInert Flow Calculation Program specifies the required orifice plate. The orifice size is stamped on the nozzle body.

Product Snapshot

Part Numbers::
IG71-010-xxx (15mm) x 360 Degree
IG71-011-xxx (20mm) x 360 Degree
IG71-012-xxx (25mm) x 360 Degree
IG71-013-xxx (40mm) x 360 Degree
Thread Type:
ISO 7-1 (BSPT)

Nozzle - Brass
Orifice Plate - Brass

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