Fortress 500

Fortress 500

ION Fortress 500 offers you all the capability of a data centre in a small, easy to manage and easy to deploy unit.

This complete IT infrastructure acts like a complete ‘data centre in a rack’ incorporating power, thermal management, power distribution, monitoring and infrastructure all in a sound attenuated enclosure.

Perfect for businesses that want to add IT capacity into an OCE environment or to rapidly build on their existing data centre – eliminating any need to build additional server rooms.

ION Fortress 500 is preconfigured, pre-installed and factory tested, ensuring system compatibility and ready to use from installation on day one

Rack Height 42 RU
Useable U (Standard Configuration) 32RU
Maximum Depth of Equipment 1023 mm
Vertical Cable Managers 2
UPS Capacity 3000VA / 2700W - Online Double Conversion
Surge Protection Included
Nominal Voltage / Frequency 240VAC, 50Hz
Cooling Capacity 3kW
Cooling Type Air Cooled
Refrigerant R410A
Display panel 25.5cm Touch Panel LCD
Display Languages English
Internal Lighting LED Strip Front and Rear
System Input Breaker 80A, Single Phase
(UPS/Cooling/PDU) Yes
Power Distribution Units (PDU) 16A PDU, 18 x C13, 6x C19
Lightning Protection / Surge Suppression Level 3, 20KA
Emergency Exhaust Fan One at Front Bottom; One at Rear Top
Temperature Sensor 2
Water Leak Detection 1 x 5 Metres
Door Access Sensor 2
Safety Standards EN 60950-1:2006+A11:2009+A1:2010+A12: 2011+A2:2013
EMC Standards EN 55022:2010 EN 61000-3-11:2000, EN 55024:2010 EN 61000-3-12:2011
Audible Noise < 50dB (Excluding Outdoor Unit)
Shipping Weight 438 kg net
Weight 348 kg
Warranty 3 Year Parts Warranty*
Redundancy Optional
Number of Pdu’S 2
Environmental Temperature, Humidity, Smoke, Water in Rack
Cooling Emergency 2 x Independent Temperature Controlled Exhaust Fan (Front and Rear)
Fire Suppression Optional FM200
Access Control Keypad, HID Swipe Card Reader, Remote Authentication
Dimensions - Data Cabinet (H x D x W) 2060mm x 1220mm x 600mm, 135kg
Dimensions - Condenser (H x D x W) 783mm x 279mm x 546mm, 40kg
  • High grade powder coated construction.
  • Fully contained for dust protection and sound minimisation.
  • Access control through choice of biometric access, swipe cards, bi-lock or PIN pad.
  • Environment and security monitoring.
  • Emergency exhaust venting.
  • Standard 3kVA online double conversion UPS.
  • Efficient 3kW cooling unit.
  • Power distribution.
  • 25.5cm user friendly touch panel.

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Fortress 500 Brochure

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