Alpha Cordex HP 48V DC Power System

Alpha Cordex HP 48V DC Power System

The Cordex HP 1.2kW is a perfect solution for small 48Vdc power applications such as customer premise, xDSL, FTTx, distributed node B, and microwave. With a high operating efficiency and high temperature operation, HP series rectifiers are also ideal for harsh outside plant enclosure installations.

Product Snapshot
  030-834-20 | 030-851-20
Input voltage
Operating: 90 to 300Vac [See output power for power derating
Input current
(per module): 7.5A Maximum (176 to 300Vac), 6.0A Maximum (90 to 176Vac)
Efficiency: >93% at 240Vac input and 40-100% load
Power output
(per module): 1200W (176 to 300Vac input), 600W (110 to 130Vac Input) *Power de-rated linearly from 1200-600W (176 to 130Vac input) *Power de-rated linearly from 600-500W (110 to 90Vac input)
Current output
(per module): 25A@ 48Vdc (176 to 300Vac input) 12.5A @ 48Vdc (110 to 130Vac Input)
Input voltage
Nominal: 176 to 276Vac
Extended (low): 90 to 175Vac (de-rated output power)
Extended (high): 277 to 300Vac (de-rated power factor)
Input current
Nominal: 7.4A max
90 to 132Vac: 6A max
Input frequency: 45 to 70Hz
Power factor: >99%
THD: <5% @ nominal input voltage
Efficiency: >93% 40%-100% load (nominal AC input) >90% 40%-100% load (120Vac input)
Output voltage: 42 to 58Vdc
Output power
Nominal AC input: 1200W
110 to 132Vac: 600W (de-rated linearly to 491W @ 90Vac)
Output current
Nominal AC input:
22.2A @ 54V (25A max @ 48V)
110 to 132Vac:
12.5A max (de-rated linearly to 10.2A @ 90Vac)
Load regulation
Static: <±0.5%
Dynamic: <±1% for 40 to 90 to 40% load step, 2ms recovery time
Line regulation
Static: <±0.1%
Dynamic: <±1% for any change within rated limits
Part Number
Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
Weight (kg)
4.55(Shelf) 1.23 (Rectifier)
3(Shelf) 1.23 (Rectifier)
  • Indicators
    • AC mains OK — green LED
    • DC output OK – green LED
    • Module alarm — red LED
  • Cooling - Fan cooled
  • Adjustments (via CXC controller)
    • Float and equalize voltage
    • Battery test voltage
    • High and low voltage alarms high voltage shutdown
    • Current limit
    • Start delay time
    • Slope %
  • Protection
    • Current limit/short circuit
    • Input/output fuses
    • Output high voltage shutdown
    • Output power limiting
    • Thermal foldback/shutdown
    • Input transient
    • AC low line foldback/shutdown
    • AC high voltage shutdown
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