Alpha Cordex CXDF 24VDC to 48VDC Converter

Alpha Cordex CXDF 24VDC to 48VDC Converter

Cordex DC-DC converters bring advanced technology to the DC power industry. Innovative engineering combines the best in efficiency and reliability meeting a wide array of power requirements. The converter system is a perfect solution for providing 48VDC output from a standard 24VDC power system for a variety of dual-voltage system applications including GSM overlays and microwave support.
Product Snapshot
Input voltage: 21 to 30VDC
Input current: Up to 94A @ 24V
Input noise
Voice band: <32dBrnC
Wide band: <10mV RMS to 10MHz <150mVp-p to 100MHz
Output power: 2000W max @ -54V
Output voltage: -54VDC nominal
Output current: 37A max
Regulation: -1% +/-0.1% load (static) +/- 0.1% line (static)
Output noise
Voice band: <38dBrnC
Wide band: <10mV RMS to 10MHz <150mVp-p to 100MHz
Acoustic noise: <60dBa @ 1m (3ft)
Part Number
Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
Weight (kg)
  • Indicators
    • Input OK (green LED)
    • Output OK (green LED)
    • Module FAIL (red LED)
  • Adjustments
    • Via CXC controller
  • Protection
    • Input fuse
    • Input inrush current limit
    • Output fuse
    • Over temperature limiting
    • Input high and low voltage shutdown
    • Current limit/short circuit protection
  • Miscellaneous
    • Control and monitoring via CXC controller (requires v1.96 min)
    • Low voltage cutoff (LVD)

Please see available files below:

Alpha CXDF 24-48/2kW Brochure

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