Alpha Cordex CXCR 48V DC Power System

Alpha Cordex CXCR 48V DC Power System

Cordex 650W modular shelf systems are available to fit various 48Vdc application needs. 19in rear access solutions are available in a five-module (3.2kW) bulk output version as well as a four-module (2.6kW) integrated solution with an AM plug-in breaker distribution module.
Product Snapshot
Input Voltage (120VAC model)
Operating: 90 to 140VAC (output power 650W)
Extended: 90 to 70VAC (derated output power)
Power output: 650W at nominal with 120VAC rectifier
Input voltage (100 to 240VAC model)
Operating: 176 to 320VAC (output power 650W)
Extended: 176 to 90VAC (derated output power)
Operating: 100 to 140VAC (output power 500W)
Power output: 650W at nominal 208 to 240VAC & 500W at nominal 120VAC with 240VAC rectifier
Universal input current: 3.0 to 3.5A (nominal VAC) 4.9A max. @ 150VAC
120VAC model input current: 6.0 to 6.6A (nominal VAC) 8.1A max. @ 88VAC
100 to 240VAC
Output current per rectifier:
13.5A @ 48VDC (120VAC) 12A @ 54VDC (120VAC)
13.5A @ 48VDC (240VAC) 12A @ 54VDC (240VAC) 10.4A @ 48VDC (120VAC) 9.2A @ 54VDC (120VAC)
Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
Weight (kg)
  • 54A System Capacity @ 48VDC
  • Completely Front Accessible
  • Integrated DC Distribution with Optional LVD
  • Cordex CXCI Controller with Ethernet and SNMP
  • Dual Battery String Terminations

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Alpha Cordex 650W Brochure

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