ABB Active Harmonic Filters

ABB Active Harmonic Filters

ABB PQF active filters can be applied to small, medium or large _x000D_ applications and are suitable for both industrial and commercial _x000D_ installations in LV networks. They can also be employed in MV networks _x000D_ through the use of a coupling transformer.

Connection method:
Network voltage:
V1: 208-480V V2- 480-690V
V1: 208-480V V2: 480-690V (limited to 600V for cULus versions)
208-240V 380-415V
Line current rating:
V1: 300 - 450 A V2: 180 - 320 A
V1: 70 - 100 - 130 - 150 A V2: 100 A
30 - 45 - 60 - 70 - 80 - 90 - 100 A
Maximum 8 units can be combined
Maximum 8 units can be combined
Maximum 4 units can be combined
Harmonic attenuation factor:
Better than 97% at rated load
Compensation method:
Closed loop
Reaction time:
< 0.5 ms instantaneous response
Response time (filtering):
2 networks cycles typically (10-90% filtering)
Target cos j:
Programmable from 0.6 (inductive) to 0.6 (capacitive)
Load balancing modes:
Between phases: ON/OFF
Between phases: ON/OFF
Between phases: ON/OFF Between phase and neutral: ON/OFF
Digital I/O:
2 digital inputs/6 digital outputs (potential free)
Alarm contact:
1 NO/NC alarm contact (potential free)
Using PQF-Manager GUI
CE, cUL & CTick
CE, cUL & CTick
CE & CTick
Master/master or master/slave arrangement
Harmonic range:
2nd to 50th order
Harmonics freely selectable:
20 orders
20 orders
3-wire: 20 orders 4-wire: 15 orders
Filtering degree:
Programmable per harmonic in absolute Ampere value

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