80 Litre Cylinder Assembly

80 Litre Cylinder Assembly

Fike ProInert Cylinders are offered in an 80-litre size and filled to a pressure of 200 or 300 bar. The cylinders may be utilized in single or multiple cylinder applications as needed and linked together through a common discharge manifold.
Product Snapshot

Part Number:
IG71-080-200 (200 bar); IG71-080-300 (300 bar)
Water Capacity:
80 Litre
Working Pressure (PS):
300 bar
Test Pressure (PT) (PH):
450 bar
Signal Red

Certification Approvals:
Technical Description: TPED:
Applicable Standard:
EN 1964-2


Cylinder Capacity
Dimension “A”
Dimension “B”
Dimension “C”
Approx. Ship Wt.
80 Litre
267 mm
1810 mm
1910 mm
140 kg

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